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Lab News

Welcome to the lab, Jaskaran!


In May, we welcomed undergraduate student Jaskaran Khurana to the lab to complete a Research Opportunity Placement (ROP) for the summer. Jaskaran has been hard at work characterizing shell morphology and siphon colour in cryptic Hiatella. This links to our very early work in Hiatella which demonstrated multiple cryptic species in Canada, and now we're revisiting the samples to see if we can gain a deeper understanding of these ecotypes.


Hiatella lineage L collected in Kachemak Bay, Alaska

New paper alert!


This week we published a paper in Global Change Biology that explores and discusses the utility of genomic forecasting in marine species, providing new avenues for validating genomic offset estimates in these unique systems. Thanks to all members of the ICES working group for contributing to fruitful discussions about this topic!

New paper alert!


This week we published a paper in Ecology and Evolution that employs a newly-discovered, transisthmanian geminate pair to derive divergence rates for chromodorid nudibranchs. We also describe a new species for the western Atlantic and Caribbean clade, Chromolaichma hemera sp. nov. We're continuing to collect samples and describe additional species in this genus so watch this space!


Chromolaichma hemera sp. nov. (credit G. Giribet, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University

O Canada!


This winter, the Layton Lab moved from the UK to Canada- you can now find us in the Department of Biology at the University of Toronto Mississauga. We had a wonderful few years in Scotland but the future is looking bright for us at UTM and we couldn't be more thrilled! The campus is situated on over 200 acres of green space, providing that perfect urban escape. We'll be busy getting the lab up and running this winter and we look forward to sharing updates with you along the way!

UTM aerial.jpeg

Victoria completes an internship at DFO

Victoria participated in a three month internship with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans working on eelgrass genomics and SDMs with Dr. Nick Jeffery and Dr. Ryan Stanley. This was her first visit to Canada and the first internship of her PhD- well done Vic!


vic intern.jpeg
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