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Layton Lab

The Layton Lab is located at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Aberdeen. Our research uses genomic tools to resolve systematic and biogeographic patterns in marine invertebrates, to identify drivers of marine speciation and adaptation and to predict how biodiversity will respond to future climate change. The group has a particular interest in improving genomic resources for marine invertebrates (especially molluscs) and in continuing efforts to document global biodiversity.

Layton Lab News

BES & RCUK Conferences

December 2022

Ethan and Victoria presented posters at the British Ecological Society Conference in Edinburgh, and Michelle helped organize the Reef Conservation UK Conference in London. Well done team!

BBSRC Partnership

November/December 2022

Kara received funds from BBSRC to travel to Queensland to attend the Malacological Society of Australasia Congress and to start new collaborations with researchers at JCU and UQ. 

Get in Touch

Zoology Building, University of Aberdeen

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